Statement of Mission

The Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Women (CCSW) promotes the professional, educational, and career development of women faculty, staff, and students at UIC. The CCSW advocates:

  • Opportunities for women for professional growth and advancement, both academic and non-academic.
  • Equity in recruitment, policies, and participation of women at all levels at UIC.
  • Life-friendly policies that promote work-life balance.
  • A positive environment where women may thrive in all areas of research, education, teaching, administration, and service.

The subcommittees of the CCSW are Communications, Faculty Concerns, Minority Women Concerns, Staff Advocacy, and Students. The subcommittees of the CCSW focus on addressing issues, reviewing policies, providing opportunities, and promoting the development of all UIC women. Based on the work of the subcommittees, the CCSW will make recommendations to the Chancellor. 

2016 – 2017 Co-Chairs:
Kat Aldag (312) 996-5217
Catherine Williams (312) 996-6194

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