Due to temporary budget reductions, the CCSW is not able to offer the Professional Development Program funding this year. If the state budget is resolved and the Chancellor’s Office restores funds to the status committees, the CCSW will consider offering the Professional Development Program in the spring. Please watch for announcement on the CCSW list serve, newsletter, or website.

CCSW Mission
The Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Women (CCSW) promotes the professional, educational, and career development of women faculty, staff, and students at UIC. The CCSW advocates:

  • Opportunities for women for professional growth and advancement, both academic and non-academic.
  • Equity in recruitment, policies, and participation of women at all levels at UIC.
  • Life-friendly policies that promote work-life balance.
  • A positive environment where women may thrive in all areas of research, education, teaching, administration, and service

What is the CCSW Professional Development Program?
The UIC Chancellor’s Committee of the Status of Women Professional Development Program are meant to serve as funding support for professional development activities of women in the UIC community. Professional development activities supported by the program must promote CCSW’s mission of professional and career development. Applicant must demonstrate that she has been actively involved in the CCSW or can demonstrate that her proposed activity furthers the CCSW mission. The Professional Development Program is co-sponsored by the Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Blacks, the Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Asian Americans, and the Academic Professional Advisory Committee.

For AY2015, the maximum amount available for request is $500 per applicant. Sponsorship of the applicant’s activities may be made in full or partial support pending availability of funds and committee approval. Applicants are eligible to receive funding only once per academic year. Primary consideration for funding will be given to applicants who have not received the funding in previous years.

Who is eligible?
Any women faculty or staff (academic professionals and civil servant) employed part-time or full-time at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) or currently enrolled full-time students (graduate and undergraduate) may apply.

For what may the award be used?
The funding must be used to cover expenses related to a UIC woman’s professional development per the eligibility criteria. Funding must be used during the current fiscal year. Funded activities must occur between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. You may submit a request to support an activity that has occurred before the application deadline, however, the event must occur within the funding period. Funding will only cover expenses outlined in the original application proposal; funds may not be transferred to cover expenses that were not included in the original proposal. CCSW may only cover expenses that are in accordance with OBFS guidelines. This award will not cover any expenses that are not within the OBFS guidelines (i.e., alcohol, gifts, salary, etc). Please refer to the OBFS purchasing guidelines. (http://www.obfs.uillinois.edu/)

Travel expenses must be reimbursed. Some expenses (such as registration fees) may be paid directly by CCSW. If you are a recipient of the funding, CCSW co-chairs will discuss with you the best method for covering expenses. Be aware that some expenses must be incurred by you upfront and will be reimbursed by CCSW. You must save receipts for all reimbursed expenses. Any funds that you do not use will be forfeited.

    Examples of such expenses that may be covered by this award include, but are not limited to:

  1. Expenses associated with attending a professional conference, training, or workshop (registration, travel expenses, per diem, etc.)
  2. Membership fees with a professional organization.
  3. Books, journals, other materials relative to applicant’s professional development proposal.

Sponsorship amounts (maximum funding per applicant)
The maximum amount you may request is $500. You may request less than the maximum amount.

Approved programs eligible for funding:
In general, any professional development opportunity offered through the University of Illinois would be approved for eligibility. List of approved programs eligible for CCSW funding:

If you have suggestions of professional development opportunities that should be included in the list of approved activities, please contact CCSW co-chairs. The review committee will consider the recommendation and determine if the proposed activities meet the requirements of the professional development awards.

Application form:
Application must be accompanied by one (1) letter of support. The letter of support should be from your department head or your immediate supervisor (or academic advisor if you are a student). The letter of support should indicate the department’s or your supervisor’s approval for you to engage in the proposed activities and recommends you for this program. If you have concerns about this requirement, please contact the CCSW organizer listed on the application for advice.

Deadline to submit your proposal:
The deadline to submit a request for funding must be submitted to Jacquelyn Jancius(jancius@uic.edu), by December 15, 2014. There will be no extensions of the deadline. Only complete proposals will be considered – you are responsible for checking your application to ensure your proposal is complete and contains all required materials.

CCSW may offer additional awards later in the academic year if funding is available.

CCSW’s fiscal calendar runs from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015. After funding has been exhausted for the year, in order to be considered for the next fiscal year, you must resubmit your request during the next fiscal year. CCSW will not consider requests made in the previous fiscal year.