Annual Activities

The Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Women (CCSW) manages two campus wide annual activities: The Women of the Year Award and the CCSW Professional Development Program. Below is a brief description of each and more details may be found by going to the specific pages.

Woman of the Year Award
The annual Woman of the Year Award honors a woman who consistently works on women’s issues beyond the call of duty and who is an exemplary role model. Award criteria includes: providing service to women at UIC while on the job, responding to issues affecting women, and offering service to women through voluntarism and public support of women’s programs. A committee of CCSW officers and former award winners make the final selection from among the nominees. Winners are honored with a cash award of $1,000 and a reception officiated by the Chancellor.

CCSW Professional Development Program
The UIC Chancellor’s Committee of the Status of Women Professional Development Program are meant to serve as funding support for professional development activities of women in the UIC community. Professional development activities supported by the program must promote CCSW’s mission of professional and career development. Applicant must demonstrate that she has been actively involved in the CCSW or can demonstrate that her proposed activity furthers the CCSW mission. The Professional Development Program is co-sponsored by the Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Blacks, the Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Asian Americans, and the Academic Professional Advisory Committee.

Due to temporary budget reductions, the CCSW is not able to offer the Professional Development Program funding this year. If the state budget is resolved and the Chancellor’s Office restores funds to the status committees, the CCSW will consider offering the Professional Development Program in the spring. Please watch for announcement on the CCSW list serve, newsletter, or website.