Committee Operating Rules


  • The Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Women (“Committee”) members will be appointed by the Chancellor from a list of potential names submitted by the Committee.
  • There will be a minimum of 14 members on the Committee. Membership should be broadly based to include students, faculty and staff from units throughout UIC. Members from Rockford and Peoria will be appointed. The Women’s Leadership and Resource Center director will serve as a permanent member with voting rights.
  • At least two new members will be appointed annually by the Committee and identified by using the criteria of expressed or demonstrated interest and the goal of broad-based representation. Attendance at meetings and participation in Subcommittees will be measures of interest. Recommendations for membership will be sent by the Committee to the Chancellor for approval and appointment. A minimum of one member from each Subcommittee will be on the Committee, preferably a co-chair.
  • The Committee will be chaired by two co-chairs, each serving a two- year term. The terms will be staggered with a new term beginning each year, and the co-chairs will represent different constituencies. The co-chair must have served on the Committee for at least one year and may serve as co-chair for a period of no more than three years in succession. One co-chair must be a faculty member; one co-chair must be a staff member.
  • The two co-chairs of the Committee will be nominated (or self-nominated) from members who have served on the Committee for at least one year (see #4 above). If two or more members are nominated for the same position and are willing to serve, an election will be held at the annual retreat in May. All appointed members of the Committee from the current year will have voting rights.


  • The Committee will have Subcommittees that will address issues of concern to women throughout the campus.
  • The Subcommittees will address issues that concern women on campus. UIC campuses at Rockford and Peoria may be represented by their own Subcommittees. Each Subcommittee will elect its co-chairs and form appropriate links to other campus organizations.
  • Subcommittees will be constituted at the annual retreat of the spring semester to reflect continuing activities and the proposed activities for the upcoming year. New Subcommittees may be formed or old ones disbanded as seems useful.
  • Non-members of the Committee are encouraged to participate on all Subcommittees, without voting rights.
  • Subcommittees will meet at least once per month, with the option of meeting during the summer months of June, July and August.
  • The Subcommittee structure does not preclude the Committee from dealing with other issues as they arise during the year.


  • The Committee co-chairs will provide advance notice of Committee meetings, usually at least once per month, with the option of meeting during the summer months of June, July and August.
  • The Committee co-chairs are empowered to make decisions, on short notice of an urgent matter, between Committee meetings. They will report decisions to the Committee at the next scheduled meeting (see #14 below).
  • A quorum will consist of four voting members of the Committee.
  • The Committee will hold open meetings and publicize them.
  • Decisions of the Committee will be made by a majority of members present at a meeting in the presence of a quorum.
  • The Committee will meet at least once annually with the Chancellor to make recommendations on policies and practices affecting women at UIC. Policy and other suggestions will be delivered to the Chancellor in advance.
  • The co-chairs or other representatives of the Committee may meet with the co-chairs of other Chancellor’s Committees to discuss common interests and policies.


  • These Operating Rules may be amended during any regularly scheduled Committee meeting by a majority vote. Proposed amendments must be in the hands of Committee members at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Amendments are subject to the approval of the Chancellor.


  • In order to meet the responsibilities of the position of co-chair(s), the Chancellor will assure that secretarial/clerical help, equipment, and supplies will be readily available for use. The annual budget for the Committee will be allocated by the Chancellor and conveyed to the co-chairs.